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by Alex Brigham, age 12, from US

Bubbles Very far away in a land full of bubbles, there was a bubble kingdom. In the kingdom there was a bubble king, Henry, and the bubble queen, Ada.

"Oh Ada, let's have a celebration for the new coming baby!" cried Henry.

"Oh Henry, what a marvelous idea! Oh, we have the to plan the food, decoration and the list!" said Ada excitedly. "We have to figure out who will be coming."

"Let's invite the whole kingdom, so we don't have to write out all those invitations." Weeks before the baby was born, the King and Queen hosted the celebration. The celebration would be held in the bubble home. The glittery bubble castle was right on a cliff, over the sea where the seagulls flew by, and clouds soared over the castle in pink and yellow colors. The entire bubble kingdom was going to the celebration, even the evil sorcerer, Maximus, and his evil clan. The king and the queen had to invite the evil clan. If the sorcerer and his clan found out about the party and they weren't invited, they would try to do something evil to the kingdom. The evil bubbles were on their way to the castle, planning the spell that they would cast on the bubble baby for a present. "Hey Maximus, how about we cast her to sleep for a thousand years?" said one of his clan members.

"Then she would wake up in a thousand years!" yelled Maximus. They finally all decided what the spell would be. They would cast it so that on her 16th birthday, she would walk off the cliff and fall to her tragic death on the sharp, jagged rocks.

The Clan marched into the castle trying to have suspicious eyes cast upon them. "Good evening, Henry--good luck with your baby!" Maximus yelled in a whisper. After the feast, it was time to give gifts to the new coming baby. Maximus walked down the red carpet to the pile of gifts, then he turned and faced the Queen. He pointed his finger at her bulging belly and cast the spell, "On your bubble's 16th birthday, she will walk over the cliff and fall to a tragic death and pop!" he yelled.




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