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The Berry Big Battle

by Paul Montgomery, age 12, from US

Once upon a time in Berry Berryland, all the Berry people were preparing for the annual Berry Berryland Founder's Day Celebration. Mary Huckleberry was in charge of the strawberry table and Fran Mullberry was in charge of the blueberry table. Mary and Fran were two of Berry Berryland's berry best cooks. Mary, of course, made her best strawberry shortcakes and Fran made her berry best blueberry short cakes. They both worked very hard in preparing their special cakes. Both were proud of their accomplishments until they saw what great berry cakes the other had prepared.

"Of course you don't think you are going to win Berry Berryland's first place ribbon with those blueberry cakes of yours, do you?" said Mary Huckleberry.

"Well of course I am," said Fran Mullberry. "Everyone in Berry Berryland knows that blueberries are the berry berry best."

"I think not; everyone in Berry Berryland knows that my strawberry short cakes are the best," yelled Mary.
Fran was becoming extremely angry at Mary for her sarcastic attitude and said that Mary probably didn't really make her strawberry short cakes anyway, because she heard that Betty Crockerberry had just introduced her new strawberry deluxe on the Martha Stewartberry show.
As the celebration started, Mary became more angry about what Fran had said. Mary knew that strawberries have always been better than blueberries. Mary then thought of something very cruel that would no doubt allow her to win Berry Berryland's Founder's Day Celebration Cake Contest. When Fran was not looking, Mary went to Fran's table and put berry bad bugs on Fran's beautiful blueberry cakes.



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