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The Three Girls and the Haunted House

by Becca Post, age 12, from US

"And then, all of a sudden..." the thunder boomed, and all three girls screamed.

It was a stormy night, and Mallory Thompson, Hallie Sutton, and Allie James were having a sleepover at Allie's house. They all got scared because of the thunder.

"So what happens next?" Hallie asked Allie, who was telling the story.

"I can't tell," Allie said.

"Why not?" Mallory and Allie asked at the same time.

"Because we could have more fun experiencing it, instead of me telling you the rest of the story. Besides, I forgot the rest anyway," Allie explained.

"What do you mean?" Hallie asked.

There was another big clap of thunder and again, they all jumped.

"Good grief! Is this storm ever going to stop? It's creeping me out!" Mallory said.

Mallory got scared very easily. She was the scaredy cat of the group. She was very smart, pretty, nice, and gentle. She was a straight-A student. She had blonde, shoulder-length hair, blue eyes, and was somewhat tall. She liked to run cross country, play volleyball, and was single, unlike the other two girls. She was very shy too.

"Don't be such a fraidy cat, Mal," Allie said.

Allie was the bravest of the threesome. She was much richer than the other two, and she tended to get snobby sometimes, but she didn't mean to. She had brown eyes and long, brown hair. She was a C student and was very popular, but Hallie and Mallory were her two best friends. She had had a steady boyfriend for two years now, and loved to go shopping. She was also a beautiful ballet dancer, and was very good. She had been doing ballet since she was four, and she also loved to perform, whether it was singing, acting, or dancing.



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