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The Lonley Little Monkapottomis

by Andrew Stovern, age 12, from US

Once upon a time, there was a land of Half and Half. It was a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, where everyone is an animal, but they are half one animal and half another animal. There are Libras (lizard/zebras), Fitles (fish/turtles), Coats (cow/goats), Dats (dog/cats). Snonkeys (snake/donkeys), Geeks (geese/ducks), etc.

But there was one lonely little animal, Mark the Monkapotomis. He was so lonely because there were no other animals like him on the island. He had tried to be cool his entire life but never was. One day, trying to become cool, he went to Bob's Club (Bob's Buy in Bulk store). While he was there, he bought a bunch of masks that looked like other animals and put them on. He changed from a Monkapotomis to a Chikorse.

He decided to go see everyone to see if they recognized him. They were not sure who he was, but they liked him. He was cool. He was friends with everyone, especially Lola the Limeroo, his one true love.

He decided to ask out Lola and she said yes. He was sick of everyone liking Charley the Chikorse. He took the masks off and showed everyone who he really was, Mark. They called him stupid, smelly, and more smelly, and he ran home crying.

Mark wasn't the brightest person, so when he was running home he fell into a deep puddle and ended up in the Fantasyland, where all of the fantasies of the world become real. He was walking and trying to find a town or something when he saw Dorothy and Toto skipping by while singing. Mark then found this magic lamp, rubbed it, and a genie popped out with big eyes, a big butt and a little itty-bitty body. Mark asked where a town of some sort was. He followed the directions and, when he got to the town, he saw Humpty-Dumpty on the wall guarding the town. He then fell down and all the King's horses and all the king's men tried to put Humpty together again.

He went in the town and everyone was looking at him strangely, and Mark was thinking, "Oh great, I'm even a freak in freak land!"



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