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Brooks Ballet Shoes

by Katie Strot, age 12, from US

"Balance, balance, leap, step, capriole, and finish," said Jenna, the dance teacher, "Class is dismissed. Brook, can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure, why, what do you want?" said Brook

"Well, I've been wanting to talk to you, but I just forgot. I just wanted to tell you that you're a beautiful dancer."

"I feel a 'but' coming along," said Brook.

"Yes, I feel that you need to lose some weight. I don't want you to lose a lot of weight, just a couple pounds. Don't take this personally, okay?"

"What? You're saying I'm fat?" Brook exclaimed.

"I'm not saying you're fat, I'm just saying that you've gained a few pounds during the last few months. Now remember Brook, don't take this seriously, and don't go overboard!"

"Don't worry, I won't."

The Next Day

"Brook! We're going to be late!" yelled Molly.

"Hold on! I'm coming. I just can't find my Pointe shoes. Would you mind helping me find them?"

"Sure, I guess, but we're already--Brook, I found them!"

"Thanks a lot! Now let's go."

Molly and Brook went to a dance college in New York called BSBC. Molly was a beautiful dancer. She had beautiful brown hair and gorgeous blue eyes. She wasn't tall, but she wasn't short. Molly was right in the middle. Everyone said she was great, graceful, and a beautiful dancer

.Brook was also a graceful and beautiful dancer. She had long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was just like Molly. She wasn't tall, but not short.

She and Molly were best friends for life.

"What should we grab for breakfast?" said Molly

."You can choose for yourself, I'm not hungry."

"You're not hungry?" Molly said in shock.

"No, I had a big dinner last night. I have to go though, or else I'll be late for dance class."

"Okay, bye."



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