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Skippy, the World Saving Sheep

by Grace Undis, age 12, from US

"Ah ha! Another one solved!" exclaimed Skippy, the world-saving sheep. Skippy had just discovered the cure to the worldwide SPAM shortage. He had a little black body with white fur and brown hooves. He stood wide-eyed at a map of the world on the computer screen with little SPAM logos all over it indicating the triumph of Skippy's mission.

"Good job Skippy," commented Egor, Skippy's best friend and sidekick.

"Thank you Egor! Now! To the next problem to be solved! Is there anything, Egor? A dry erase marker shortage? Are the squirrels in trouble again?"

"No, Skippy, nothing is showing up! It seems you have solved all the problems in the world!"

"Ack! The farmer! Run, Egor! Run!" yelled Skippy, when he saw Farmer Henrietta come marching toward the barn in which Skippy and Egor were having their secret meeting.

The large woman came bursting into the barn, shaking the entire thing and almost busting the doors off the rusty old hinges. The farm was old and smelled of horse manure and chicken feed. There were pitchforks and shovels scattered around the floor along with random stacks of hay. The husky woman stood in the doorway casting a shadow over the two quivering sheep. She walked in, one foot in front of the other, slowly and heavily. Whompf! Whompf! Henrietta had her long curly red hair tied up in a braid and aimlessly tucked under a straw hat. Her face was covered with freckles, dirt, and some unidentifiable green spot. She had a piece of wheat straw hanging from her teeth. Her red flannel shirt hung sloppily from her overalls that had only one strap hooked and the other slung over her shoulder. She was the ideal farm matron; she even smelled of manure. She walked toward the place where Skippy and Egor were hiding, and they immediately scooted back into the haystack they were hiding in.

"Oh no! Skippy!" Egor nervously nudged Skippy with his elbow and whispered in a small almost mouse-like voice.

"Quiet Egor! What is it?" whispered Skippy quietly trying not to get noticed by the farmer.




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