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Getting to Know Dan Lester
Special Effects Expert

interviewed by Danny Stricker, age 10, from US

Dan Lester is a special effects expert for Stu Segall Productions. They just did an episode of "18 Wheels Of Justice" at a house on which Danny Stricker's dad is working.

Stricker: How long have you been doing this?

Lester: Twenty-five years now. My training is in special effects and I have a number one powder card explosives license. My first project I worked on was Star-Trek.

Stricker: What other shows have you worked on?

Lester: I've done a lot of them. One of the other first shows I worked on was called Bosom Buddies, with Tom Hanks. Then I worked on Mork and Mindy with Robin Williams. Happy Days, we burned the Arnold's down.

Stricker: What was Tom Hanks like?

Lester: Both Hanks and Williams are real gentlemen. But my favorite to work with was Paul Newman.

Stricker: What goes into the explosives?

Lester: The bombs we make are basically just black powder wrapped real tight. When the black powder goes off it's just a bunch of gas trying to get away. Then we use a little bit of gasoline so you get a nice fire and propane for the fire ball.

Stricker: Is this really dangerous?

Lester: Yes it is. I've known guys who have lost thumbs and fingers in accidents.

Stricker: Have you ever gotten hurt?

Lester: No, (knocks on wood) but that's not a good question to ask right before an explosion (laughs).


About the Interviewer

Danny Stricker has a web site, DannysKidsPage, where he has posted interviews with such celebrities as David Wells, pitcher for the Toronto Blue Jays, Ryan Klesko, first baseman for the San Diego Padres, and the San Diego Chargers' Head Coach, Mike Riley. Each month there is a new contest at his site--the current drawing is for a T-shirt. When you sign Danny's guest book, you are automatically entered in the contest.


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