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Interview with Marla Sokoloff
and James Franco
Stars of "Whatever It Takes"

interviewed by Max Tremblay, age 14, from US

"I always wanted to get into acting since I was young, it was just that I was scared of rejection," says James Franco, star of the upcoming romantic comedy, "Whatever It Takes," a story of two guys from different social groups joining forces to snag their dream girls in the last few weeks of their senior year of high school. "I had huge buck teeth, and my parents had to manipulate me into getting braces. I didn't want to get them, but my mom said I'd never be an actor."

Franco actually got into acting early on in high school. "My girlfriend at the time was in the Drama Club, and she was asked to do a one act play with some drama geek. She had to make out with him on stage, and that was really hard to take. I begged her and begged her with tears in my eyes not to do it. She did it anyway, so to get her back I joined the club and did a couple plays." Franco kept acting through college at University of California Los Angeles, and is still a member of a popular acting school, at which classes are taught by members who have since become movie stars, such as Jeff Goldblum, star of "Independence Day" and both "Jurassic Park" movies.

Marla Sokoloff, Franco's Whatever It Takes co-star, holds a similar passion for acting, saying that she was "born wanting to do this." She got her start at ACT, a famous acting school in San Francisco, California that puts on plays in the city. Teachers at ACT have coached some of the biggest stars of today. As it turns out, a prominent agent caught one of Marla's plays and suggested that she move to Los Angeles to try her luck. Her mother was against it, and said no’ at first.

"I always complained: 'Mom, please! I can't believe you said 'no!' After about a year and a half of this, she couldn't stand it anymore." The two made the move to Los Angeles for pilot season, the time of year when pilot episodes are shot for new TV series hoping to get picked up for the new fall season, when Sokoloff was about eleven. "We wound up never leaving. " Fortunately, Sokoloff and Franco never gave up on their common dream to become actors, and now they have starring roles in a major motion picture to show for their efforts. You can also still see both of these talented young actors weekly in roles on television series. Sokoloff can be seen on the Emmy-award-winning show "The Practice," while Franco is a regular member of the cast on the series "Freaks and Geeks."



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