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Recess: School's Out

reviewed by Renee, age 13, US

T.J., Gretchen, and the all characters you know and love are back in a full length movie!

School's finally out and summer vacation is here. T.J. was planning a fun-filled summer with his friends, I mean who wouldn't? But to T.J.'s dismay, all his friends are going to camps instead of staying home and playing with him. T.J. can handle this, he thinks.

T.J. is bored and all is going down the drain when suddenly weird things are going on at the abandoned school. Green lights and strange noises keep coming out and T.J. investigates. When he looks inside, there are strange people with laser guns levitating a safe! When his parents and the cops think he's crazy, T.J. quickly finds Principal Prickly. Prickly goes with T.J. to investigate these "laser guns". When Prickly puts the key into the lock on the front door of the school he disappears in an array of green lights. T.J. knows now that he's going to have to bring in the reinforcements: his friends.

T.J. gets his sister to drive him to gather up the gang at the various camps by threatening to put her diary on the internet! Once the gang is together they learn that one of Mr. Prickley's old rivals has a horrible masterplan that will get rid of the biggest recess of all--Summer Vacation! Will T.J., the gang, Prickley and the teachers be able to save their school and Summer Vacation? I sure hope so. You can only find out if you see the movie.

This film is whole lot of fun. According to some adults who went with me, it's hilarious even if you never saw the "Recess" TV series. Exactly the thing to brighten up your day. It's perfect for the family too. I give this movie 4 stars out of five. The website is way cool too. Lots of fun interactive stuff!

RECESS: SCHOOL'S OUT! is now playing This movie is rated "G"

Official website www.disney.com/recess

Directed by Chuck Sheetz
Screenplay by Paul Germain and Joe Ansolabehere (creators)
Starring the voices of: Andy Lawrence, Rickey D'Shon Collins, Pam Segall, Jason Davis, Ashley Johnson, Courtland Mead, Dabney Coleman, April Winchell and Robert Goulet as the gang, teachers, etc.

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horror | musical | romance | science fiction | suspense/thriller

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