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Keyeye: Making Kids Safe

reviewed by Laura Gerard, social worker

Keyeye "making kids safe" is a short videotape, just under one hour, worth watching. The video immediately grabs your attention in the first scene where two children venture into a wooded area despite the Danger Keep Out sign and are chased down by a growling jaguar. The jaguar and a large brown bear are trained animals that appear throughout the video to illustrate points and add entertainment for viewers.

The main characters in the video are young students who have participated in a danger awareness program. After the jaguar chase, the scene changes to a classroom type atmosphere. Instructors demonstrate stunts to use if grabbed by a stranger, and students then practice the moves.

Following this exercise, the students share stories they have made up about how abductors could trick children into going with them. The stories are reenacted by adults who play the roles of abductors and the students who play themselves in dangerous situations. The reenactments are frighteningly realistic and useful once the instructor reviews how the child could have gotten away from the abductor in each situation. Breaks from the seriousness of the stories are provided by occasional funny scenes. For example, one abductor gets chased up a tree by a large bear, an unlikely occurrence but anything is possible!

Parents should watch this video with their children. The students' parents gather together at the end of the tape to ask questions and make suggestions about building a safe environment for their children. Overall this video provides some useful tips, entertainment (particularly if you're an animal lover) and acts as an eye-opener to the possible dangers that exist for children today.

Keyeye Productions Inc.
PO Box 95024
Ruskin Postal Outlet
Maple Ridge, British Columbia, Canada
Phone: (604) 808-7233
Fax: (604) 525-5057

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