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Interview with Lacey Chabert
Star of Party of Five

interviewed by Julie Richer, Cyberteens founder

We recently had the opportunity to interview Lacey Chabert, the actress who plays Claudia on Party of Five. She is the spokesperson for a teen photo contest called "The Yearbook Click."

Q: Lacey, I understand you're the spokesperson for "The Yearbook Click" photo contest that Kodak and Jostens are sponsoring. Tell me about that.

A: For the contest, I'm doing publicity and promoting photography in schools. About 125 junior highs and middle schools will be competing for $40,000 in high-tech photo equipment by submitting their yearbooks. The yearbooks must contain at least 8 pages of photos shot with Kodak Max Flash one-time-use cameras. Kodak is also doing a contest with Twist magazine in which any teen can enter photos to win cameras, film and other prizes.


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