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General Questions

Q: Is Cyberkids Free?
A: Cyberkids is completely free.

Q: What is there to do at Cyberkids?
A: You can play games, chat with other Cyberkids, post messages, rea stories and poetry written by other Cyberkids, and you can submit your own work to be published on Cyberkids.

Q: How do I join Cyberkids?
A: In order to use Cyberkids "Kids Connect," you or your child must first register at Kids Connect. After you register, you will need to log in and start using the message boards and chat rooms.

Q: Why should I join Cyberkids?
A: When you join Cyberkids, you get to post messages on our message boards, and if you are 12 and under, you can chat. We also have drawings and prizes for our registered members.

Q: How do I get my artwork, poetry, stories, and other creative projects published on Cyberkids?
A: You can get send your work to Please see our submissions guidelines.

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