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Art on the Net
Join fellow artists in sharing works together on the Internet
Arts Edge
This organization is striving to have the arts recognized alongside math, science, literature, and history, as an important part of our educational system
Education Virtual Library
This guide is divided first by curriculum areas and then further within each area by databases, lesson plans, activities/exhibits/museums and finally by indices and meta-indices
Asian Art
The on-line forum for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia
Aunt Annie's Craft Page
This page features a new craft project every week
Chagall Windows
Beautiful stained glass windows in an Israeli hospital Synagogue by Marc Chagall
School Kids and ART
Here's a site a bunch of students made about Leonardo Da Vinci
Digitally color tons of pictures.
Comics From Russia
Come see hand drawn comics from Russia
Computer Graphics
Learn about digital image creation
Contours of the Mind - Exhibition page
A Celebration of Fractals, Feedback and Chaos
Core-Smart Art
An electronic gallery of computer generated art
David and Alfred Smart Museum of Art
This jewel of a museum houses a permanent collection that began in the 1890's,the collection spans five centuries of both Western and Eastern civilizations
A reference to design resources through Yahoo
Desktop Publishing
Here a cool place to see some work about Desktop Publishing
ECIT - Electronic Compendium of Images and Text
An organization dealing with the problem of bringing electronic technology into the teaching of humanities subjects
Eastman Kodak
The picture-taking process has evolved dramatically in the last hundred years. From the beginning this company has been leading the way
Egyptian Artifacts Exhibit
Ancient Pharaohs inhabiting cyberspace
Florentine art
The Renaissance is alive at this site
French Cave Paintings
These recently discovered paintings can teach us much about visions of the past as we create visions of the future
Gargoyles Then and Now
These scary protectors loom over many buildings
Hobbies and Crafts
A Yahoo listing of hobbies and crafts ranging from puppetry to pottery
Holography Domain
3-D art on the horizon
Presenting the contemporary artists of Israel
Internet ArtResources
A gallery, museum, artist, art publication or bookseller, art show, fair, event or exposition - find any or all through Internet ArtResources
Israel-PLO Agreement
Inspect this historical agreement that points the way toward peace in Israel
Kennedy Student Art Gallery
A gallery of children's artwork created by students learning to speak English
La Trobe University Art Museum
The La Trobe University Art Museum, in Australia hosts a number of exhibitions throughout the year
Leonardo On-line
The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences and Technology
Tour through time and see paintings and sculptures created by the great masters
Math art gallery
Generated art work using mathematical equations
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
The most comprehensive fine arts museum in the upper midwest
Museum of Web Art
Come see Art created specifically for the Web
Nagasaki Journey
See this first hand photographic account of the fallout after the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki
Picture taking and it's process
A good source for on-line designers full of clip art for the taking
Transparent Background Images
Designing a web page of your own? Find some interesting tricks on background colors here
Vermeer, Jan
Get the details on this extraordinarily, detailed painter
Virtual Assignments
Part newsroom, part classroom come here to learn about electronic photojournalism
World Art Treasures
The purpose of this site is to further discovery and love of art

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