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Academic Institutions
A listing of academic institutions by Galaxy
Baylor University Central Web Home Page
Visit this University located in Texas
BizWorld game is online.
Boulder Valley School District Page
A collaborative initiative between the Boulder Valley School District, the University of Colorado and the National Science Foundation to bring Internet networking to the K12 community
Champlain Valley Union High School
A high school in Vermont that is showing off some cool stuff
Claremont High School
This server provides information, resources, and services to the members of the Claremont Unified School District
Creative Kids in Kamchatka
A group of Far Eastern Russian students come on-line and offer a glimpse into life in their country
Gander Academy
A site with WWW resources for young children and primary and elementary teachers.
Georgetown University
A highly selective, international university, located in Washington, D.C.
Higher Ed Web Page List
College and University Home Pages -Alphabetical Listing
High School Hub
A Gateway to Academic Resources.
Hillside Elementary
This school is teaching students how to create documents on the Internet
HomeWork Heaven
Everything a Student Needs.
Janice's K-!2 Cyberspace Outpost
An on-line magazine dedicated to connecting schools together
K12 Net
Travel the net with training wheels
Levering Science Magnet School
Located in Philadelpia, this school is dedicated to incorporating multiculturalism throughout the curriculum
Ralph Bunche School
Visit this school located in Harlem, New York City that specializes in teaching student in the 3rd through 6th grade how to use computers
Southern Regional
Helping schools and teachers get there own web sites started
K-12 high-bandwidth connections by state
Teel Homeschool Page
Learning where you live? Stop by and see resources for homeschooling
The Falcons' Nest
A hip school in ALASKA
Vocal Point
Boulder, Colorado's first electronic student newspaper
Wangaratta Primary School
Discover some unique Australian native animals and fun activities

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