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Young Composers
Hear the latest sounds from our own musical youth
Composer biographies
A reasonable depiction of classical composers and their lives
Department of Music and Conservatoire of the Potchefstroom University
This South African music school is opening the boundaries of sound and recordings, and offering connections to the indigneous music of South Africa, particularly Tswana music
Internet Underground Music Archive
Your resource to the latest happening in the alternative music scene
K-12 Resources For Music Educators
A comprehensive list for teachers of music
Music Lynx
For fans of Pearl Jam, Primus, The Greatful Dead, The Doors, and punk bands.
Music Resources
This is not a complete list of Internet music resources, but from here you can travel almost everywhere
Rock around the world
Find out what's new in the music industry
Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame
The people who made rock n' roll great are honored here
Original music coming out around the world
Schoolkids' Records Inc.
A distinctive music and video store, centered in Ann Arbor, Michigan
Sound Bytes: The WWW TV Themes Home Page
From your favorite shows come, those goofy theme songs and here they are......
Telegraph dealt with the world of "indie music" (music which isn't disseminated through traditional music business channels.)
Ticketmaster On-line
Contains a huge, continually updated event database for the entire U.S.
A funky on-line guide to music, entertainment, and dance clubs
Ultimate Band
The web's largest interactive list of music links where you the visitor can add the latest music links for your favorite bands
Voxware, Inc.
An innovative suite of software tools that allows developers and end-users to improve and increase the use of voice in a wide variety of multimedia and communications applications, ranging from entertainment to education and training
Youth Music And Culture
This course assumes that popular music provides not only entertainment, but a cultural space for the personal, social, and political experiences of youth

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