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Actors and Actresses
The stars can be found right here
Anders Mad Scientist Page
They laughed at me! But I will show them. One day it will be I who laughs at them instead!
Animaniacs Page!
On the internet, no one knows you're a CHICKEN! A GIANT CHICKEN!
Logo animation on the internet
Autodesk's Design Your Future
Come and design your own future!
Bethesda Softworks
Travel through this land of magic and mystery brought to you by Bethesda Software
Big Movies. Big Selection. Big Deals. Big Fun.
Blaster Bars
Healthier Lifestyles for kids.
Have some fun at
Brilliant Digital Entertaiment's Multipath Movies
A cool movie site for kids!
Broadway World Wide
Find out what's on-stage in downtown New York City
Bullwinkle Episodes
A list of Rocky and Bullwinkle's adventures
Great fun with ShockWave games!
Cards Up
This site is really fun!!!
Cartoon Factory
If you would like to learn about collecting Animation Art, look around these pages
A listing from Yahoo of cartoons and comics on the web
Cinema/TV Databases, News and Information
A great resource for those of you who can't get enough of the movies
Santa and his elves on the web.
Cobra Lounge
You are inside Spoonman's Dream, good luck it can be a scary and strange place
Complete Works of William Shakespeare
A master of words whose thoughts ring as true and clear today as they did 400 years ago
Cool Site of the Day
Look here for new and fun resources
Cyber Culture
Spaced out fun and funky articles on this site
Cybertown is set in the latter half of the 21st century and is not far from this galaxy. It is populated mostly by people originally from Earth
Cyrano Server
Send your sweetheart a love letter
Disney Animations
See Pictures of your favorite Disney characters
Disneyland Park
Come and see the happiest place on Earth
Tokyo Disneyland
Games, Fun, and more. Check it out!
Contains a number of plays, screenplays and discussions of drama and dramatic productions
Gather here to discuss all aspects of the Walt Disney Co.
Fashion Page
See what suits you
Film and Television
An archive of television and film productions
A magazine bringing the facts to teenagers they need to know or maybe they don't
Folklorama 1995
A celebration of old world crafts and artisans, a spree of late night stomping, clogging and jigging, and a gastronomical tribute to exotic menus
Funny Poetry Site
New Funny Poetry Site
Come vistit, a kid friendly site...
GameZone Online
Games, Games, Games!
Gaming Planet
This place is all for gamers!
Happiest Place on the Net
Archives of Disney memorabilia
Hollywood Online
The premiere source of online movie information and previews
JugIt Virtual Juggler Home Page
Watch these animated jugglers do back flips and kicks all while juggling
Come see Japanese Theatre
Kid Comics
Games, activities, online comics, and it's all safe for children.
Kingswood Kranium
The strange, the unbelievable, the blatantly untrue
Kool Page
Don't you wonder what makes things Kool?
Lion King
Learn all about one of your favorite Disney movies
Lollapalooza '95
Jump on board this countryside concert tour
The hub of special effects services for the film community
Magic Tricks
Houdini's Tricks are now yours.
It's stalking the Mysterious Microbe.....
I want my MTV! (Are you sure?)
Muppets Home Page
Visit Kermit,Ms. Piggy, and watch out for Animal
Nala's Korner
Stuff to do and things to see. Come take a look!
A U.S. based Children's TV channel
A web-accessible virtual world that features 3-D ray-traced graphics, multi-user interaction, animation, sound, and other neat stuff
Osiris Trivia Quiz
Test your knowledge of trivia
Public Broadcasting System
The champions of educational non-profit television bring you a mindful over the internet
Puppetry Home Page
Explore the art and history of Puppetry
Puppets Activity Page
Learn how to make puppets and download paper puppet patterns (Say that three times fast)
The on-line magazine of Science Fiction and Fantasy
Ren and Stimpy
Happy Happy Joy Joy, Happy Happy Joy Joy
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey
The Greatest Show On Earth, now has an official web site.
Running Horse
Drop by horse lovers
Scooby Doo
Jeepers, Scooby Doo sure is one dog that finds a lot of ghosts
Scott Virtual Theme Parks
Reality with Personality, Content with Attitude, Unreal Estate Developers
Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page
References for entertainment writers
Customize your website experience, and play games that are on the cutting edge of entertainment technology
Sleeping Beauty
Once upon a time, in a kingdom far away, a beautiful princess was born ...
Sounds of Star Trek
Hear what a phaser sounds like...
Spunky Town
Welcome to Spunk Town with great entertainment!
Star Trek
This site offers various lists and FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions ) concerning the Star Trek universe and the ideas behind it
Much props to this jive talk site -- now part of Students Online
Teen Reviews
A cool site where you can find reviews on music, movies and much more.
The Two Towers
This site leads to a MUD on the works of J.R.R.Tolkien, it has a good deal of information on the Hobbit and many other of his works
UK Theatre Web
Connect with professional and amateur theatres in the United Kingdom
UbiSoft Entertainment
Some of the best entertainment software out there for kids
Virtual Reality
A compiled listing of hot VR sites currently accessible over the net
Virtual World
Beautiful creations in cyberspace
Voo Doo Magazine
The only intentionally humorous publication on the MIT campus
The Webarrow Directory
Check out the big place for alternative chats!
World Wide Web Ouija
Consult with the Oracle of cyberspace through the on-line ouija board

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