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Amateur Computerist
An organizations supporting grassroots efforts to bring computer access and education to the people
Apple Computer World Wide Technical Support Home Page
If you're having probelms with your Mac or want the latest info on new Macintosh software this is the place to go
Computers as Learning Partner
An effort of the UC-Berkeley to improve middle school science instruction
Data Powers of Ten
How much information can you store, a gigabyte? That's nothing compared to a Yottabyte
A small San Francisco based Macintosh-related software group that specializes in quality children's software at reasonable prices
Futurekids Computer Learning Centres
Futurekids first began putting kids and computers together in 1983
A Directory and Registry of Java Resources
Glossary of Internet Terms
Learn the words and phrases of the internet
HotJava Home Page
Java is a new object-oriented programming language developed at Sun Microsystems that can deliver small applets via the internet
Information Sources: the Internet and Computer-Mediated Communication
Their mission is to collect, organize, and present information describing the Internet and computer-mediated communication technologies, applications, culture, discussion forums, and bibliographies
Internet Resources
This page is a collection of resources that are useful to Internet trainers, as well as just about anyone else who is on the Net
Kids Can Program
A cool site where kids can learn to program
Kids and Computers
Check it out. You can learn a lot from this site.
Kitty - Kat Software!
Meow! Free Mac Shareware
The leading source for information on upcoming computer conferences, tradeshows, exhibitions, and seminars
Logo-Computer Programming for Kids
Teach children to like computer programming and how to write their own programs at a young age
Memory World
They buy and sell memory in quantities of 16MB and up
NCSA Digital Gallery CD-ROM
Researchers around the world submit their movies and gifs to this Science Theater and Digital Gallery
Northeast Parallel Architectures Center
An advanced computing center that focuses on high performance computing
Prodigy Services Company
One of the top three on-line service in the U.S.
Small Planet Communications
A company that specializes in transmitting ideas through leading-edge technology -- in any medium
Software Development
CSD helps software companies grow by providing access to computer and business development resources
Learn more about the World Wide Web, explore and figure out how to build your own corner of it
Tenadar Software's
Kids produce the software and the site!
Here are some PC and Mac shareware and freeware programs
UbiSoft Entertainment
Some of the best entertainment software out there for kids
Web Weaver's Page
Tools for aspiring web authors
Webology Group
Designs World Wide Web solutions for many interesting companies on the web, specializing in customized site design, and advanced CGI scripting
Well Connected Mac
Your online guide to everything Macintosh
World Wide Web Workbook
Learn the basic operating skills you'll need to find your way around the Web

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