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Alice Bowen's Home Page
A lovely young lady from the UK who likes to write stories and play with computers
Basil Baker
Finnaly a literate website for bear lovers!
Children's Programs and Interactive Gallery
See how kids see the world
A virtual city environment built collaboratively by kids across the internet
Elizabeth's Snow White Page
Meet Elizabeth she really likes Snow White
Emma Bowen's Home Page
A bright girl who lives in Oxfordshire, England and makes pictures and stories on computers
Tanagram Puzzles
Check out art work created with tanagrams. What are tanagrams? You'll have to find out yourself...
Global Show-n-Tell
See the discoveries of kids around the world
Heather's Happy Holidaze List
This 5 1/2 year old girl designs a site to go with every holiday
Jason's Snakes and Reptiles
A cool young man that likes cold-blooded creatures and some of them hisssssssss.........
Kate's Page
Check out the motorcycle........
Kids Publish their stories on the internet
MidLink Magazine
An online magazine for middle schools kids by kids
Rachel's Page
Rachel is very cool ,stop by....
Sakura Sakka
Come check out another kids custome created website
Stone Soup
A very high quality publication of kids' art and articles.
Susan's World Wide Web Page
Susan likes to write funny stories
Tiki the Penguin
Come visit Tiki's website.
Tony's Site
Come look at Tony's Site
Turtle Cove
Welcome to Turtle Cove

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