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Abwenzi African Studies
Linking children from the United States to the children of Africa
A tropical island in the Indonesian chain inhabited by a very spiritual people
European Home Page
This is a very simple European Map of WWW/NIR sites. Please click on any flag to go to the Home Page of that country
Information about being an exchange student in another country
Guide To Australia
This site aims to compile links to all available on-line information resources about Australia for distribution via World Wide Web
Hungary Network
Explore this eastern european country
International Bulletin Board
Exchanging information for students around the world on global student transfer
Lebanon On-Line Resources
Learn about this country in the middle east with a wealth of history, in the process of rebuilding after many years of war
Middle East Studies
A concise listing of the major information sources about and from the Middle East
National Schoolnet Atlas
A co-operative initiative between Schoolnet (Industry Canada) and the National Atlas (Geomatics Canada) which will bring a synthesis of national information and teaching tools to schools, libraries, and communities linked on the information highway
Travel through the desert of Somalia and get a better understanding of the recent conflicts that have taken place there
Oceania -- The Atlantis Project
The Atlantis Project is dedicated to the goal of establishing a new country named Oceania. This country will be devoted to the value of freedom, and will first exist as a sea city in the Caribbean.
Peru Home Page
Visit Peru, once the center of the ancient Incan civilization, explore the history and the present state of affairs
You can find information about every ski area and scuba shop in the U.S.
Virgin Islands
An chain of islands in the Carribean, some say it's close to paradise with clear water, hot sun, and beautiful people it comes very close
Web Travel Review
Travel around the world and see pictures of people and placess

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