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CBS SportsLine
Popluar sports information site published by CBS
Dawn to Dust Mountain Bike Club
For beginner to advanced mountain bikers who want to ride semi-hard to hard-core off-road
For the latest news in the sports world from the original all sports network
Fish Net
For the truly avid mountainbikers out there
Friday Night Skate
Every Friday this gang of ferocious in-line skaters terrorize the streets of San Francisco, see their unusual skating rituals
Global Cycling Network
An electronic information desk for cyclists
Harvard Swimming and Diving
Links to pages about the sport of swimming
International Olympic Committee
This is the official site for the Olympics. There are also links to all the sites for the upcoming summer and winter olympics
Lowlevel's Vert Page
Rollerbladers slow down and scope out the scene on this blader's page
Major League Baseball
Official site of Major League Baseball with links to all the teams' official sites
NBA Schedule Information
A nice form that lets you track specific information about when and where an NBA basketball team is playing
National Basketball Association
Official site of the National Basketball Association (NBA)
National Football League
Official site of the National Football League (NFL)
National Hockey League
Official site of the National Hockey League (NHL)
Oregon Wrestling Report
Promoting the sport of amateur wrestling with a focus on Oregon
Live coverage of obscure sporting events on this flashy site
U.S. Soccer World Pages
This is a site for soccer fans that connects you with current information on the happenings in the soccer world
Virtual Flyshop
Get in touch with flyfishing resources around the world
WOMBATS on the Web
The Women's Mountain Bike And Tea Society
World of Masters Swimming
Take a dip in this cyberpool of information about the sport of swimming

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