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A Word A Day
A Word A Day (AWAD), mails out a vocabulary word and its definition (with occasional commentary) to the subscribers every day
Acronym Dictionary
Find out what abbreviations like CIA and UNICEF stand for
American English Dictionary
Don't know what a word means, look for its definition here
An on-line magazine of Amateur Creative Writing
British Poetry Archive, 1780-1900
Romantic images, captured deftly in words
Children's Writing Resource Center
Lots of information, exclusive Special Reports, the latest children's bestsellers, links to other important sites and much more
Clive's Virtual Writing Workshop
Writing Is Exciting!
College Slang
Find out what the Swarthmore Swivel,the watermellon effect and the SWAG are
Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Poetic plays from the lantern of dramatic ideas casting long shadows and shining light on all who listen and watch
Cool Word of the Day
Learn or sumbmit a new word every day
Copyright Website
Solutions to the myriad of copyright tangles that currently permeate the Web
Elements of Style
This classic book is intended for use in English courses in which the practice of composition is combined with the study of literature
German Studies
Listed here are some of the most useful German literature and culture resources and research trails on the World Wide Web
Grimm's fairy tales
Travel far and wide through the magic land of wonders created by these great writers of children's literature and meet many fantastical characters
Inkspot Resource For Young Writers
Great resource for young writers
Japanese/English Dictionary
Learn to speak another language
Middle English Collection
Hear ye, hear ye, all come to read works of yore
Modern Language Centre
A great resource for those learning a new language, offers information on how we learn language
NWHQ is a publication devoted to free expression and the distribution of artistic ideas
National Library of Poetry
This organization is putting on a poetry contest with $24,000.00 In Prizes To Be Awarded
Netiquette Home Page
Useful information on how to navigate through the internet
An varied archive of poetry and poets, past and present
Project Guttenberg
Thousands of classic books, poetry, and essays are available for viewing online
Quotations Page
Need a few words to get you going, see what these people are saying
Roget's Thesaurus
Another word for thesaurus is synonymy. Do you know anymore?
Science Fiction Resource Guide
If you like Sci-Fi connect here
Shakespeare Web
A bard for the ages, who wrote a great many masterpieces that are performed around the world for audiences today
Shiki Internet Haiku Salon
Shiki is well known in Japan for introducing a new style of haiku, a short poetic form, and for enhancing the arts
The Realist Wonder Society
A whistle-stop of imagination between way stations of reality
Virtual English Language Center (The E-mail Pen Pal Connection!)
If you are teaching or learning English as a second language, stop by here
Voice of the Shuttle
The English Literature Page contains just about every available link about writers, writing, historic literature, and poetry
Writing Resources and Writing Labs on the Net
A general reference to writing on the internet

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