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Child Safety on the Information Superhighway
Children and teenagers get a lot of benefit from being online, but they can also be targets of crime and exploitation in this as in any other environment
Children Accessing Controversial Information
Find out more about how to block disturbing material from young eyes
Children Now
This group provides a strong and independent voice for the millions of children who cannot speak for themselves: in the public policy arena, in the mass media, and in the community, focused mainly on children and families who are poor or at-risk
Children and the Media Program: Children Now
Working to improve the quality of media for and about children
Computerized AIDS Ministries Home Page
Learn more about this disease plaguing our communities, how to help, and read the inspiring stories of people who have bravely fought the disease and the social stigmas that go along with it
Cyber Patrol
Protect your children from going to dangerous places on the internet
Emergency Services WWW Site List
A list of sites to help you in a crisis situation
Lawrence J. Magid's Child Safety Page
Protect your children's experience on the internet
Media Literacy On-line Project
Tracking the influence of the media in the lives of children, youth, and adults
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
A group formed in 1984 helping parents find missing children and working to stop child exploitation
National Child Rights Alliance
The only national organization directed entirely by youth and adult survivors of abuse and neglect
National Childhood Cancer Foundation
Support pediatric cancer treatments and help a child live
A great parenting resource on the world wide web
A place for teens, parents, & teachers to get info about safety on the web.

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